Open Quick Solving
In the frames of WCCC 2022, 15.11.2022

Director: Vidmantas Satkus (LTU)
Assistant: Arvydas Mockus (LTU)

Open Quick Solving Tournament, which takes place on 15.11.2022 during the 64th WCCC is opened for everybody: solvers, chess players, chess enthusiasts; rated solvers and also those who would like to try solving for the first time.

The rules:

This competition is open for all individual solvers. It consists of 1 round – 30 problems:
10 x mates in two (#2), 10 x helpmates in two (h#2) and 10 selfmates in two (s#2).

The problems to be solved are presented on screen (one problem appears for one minute).

A solver writes the solutions on the sheet provided by the judge. The solutions are to be written in algebraic notation, it is enough to write only the key move (i. e. in helpmates – the 1st black move).

The correct solution of a problem scores 5 points. Incorrect solution scores zero points. If the solution is not written, a solver gains 2 points.

When the end of the competition is declared the solvers stop writing and wait until the judge collects all the solving sheets.

The number of points determines the ranking (i. e. a solver with more points will be ranked higher). In the event of a tie on points, the place is determined by the better solution of the last problems. In cases that are not described here and on other uncertainty during the competition, decisions are made by the judge’s discretion.