Rules of the WCCC competitions


World Chess Solving Championship (WCSC) Rules

Open Solving Rules

How to write solutions in rated competitions

Two main solving competitions, WCSC and Open, are counted for solvers’ rating. They use the same types of problems (genres of chess composition), and have the same rules about writing and marking solutions.

Genres: Mate in 2 moves (#2), Mate in 3 moves (#3), Mate in more moves (#n), Endgames (+/=), Selfmates (s#) and Helpmates (h#).

Open Quick Solving Rules

Open Solving Show Rules

Open Quick Solving and Open Solving Show are not counted for solvers’ rating.

These two competitions use only 3 types of problems: Mate in 2 moves (#2)Helpmates in 2 moves (h#2) and Selfmates in 2 moves (s#2), and a shorter way of writing solutions: only the 1st move.

Composing (more to come…)

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