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  • WCCC 2022 Welcome video
  • WCCC 2022 Opening Ceremony
  • WCCC 2022 Closing Ceremony
  • Seminar for Chess Solving JUDGES (The most experienced FIDE Solving Judge Axel Steinbrink (Germany) gives extensive explanations about general rules and demands for solving competitions (genres, contents and formats to be used), conditions for rated tournaments, marking solutions, creating tables, and the use of the Solving Tournament Manager (STM). (64th WCCC, Fujairah, 13.11.2022)
  • 64th WCCC Lectures: Puzzles vs. Compositions (Steffen Slumstrup Nielsen from Denmark, the newly crowned World Champion in Composing Chess Endgames, explains the differences between chess puzzles and chess compositions and the current status of chess art in the wider society of chess players.)
  • 64th WCCC Lectures (Bedrich Formanek (Slovakia): One Arabic Mansuba and one joke; Peter Gvozdjak (Slovakia): The Seven Dwarfs (a fairy chess tale); Jacques Rotenberg (Israel): Close encounters with the chess pieces of Uri Avner)