5-days CT – the announcement

5-days Composing Tourney Announcement (9th November 2022)
64th World Congress of Chess Composition, Fujairah, 2022

Required: helpmates in 2 moves with one or more solutions.


  • In each solution, the files of the departure and arrival squares of the moves form a 4-fold cycle
  • The arrival file of each move is the departure file of the next move
  • The arrival file of the last move is the departure file of the first move
  • Example: 1.Sa3-b5 Bb7-e4 2.Re1-h1 Qh7-a7# Cycle: a-b, b-e, e-h, h-a

Not thematic:

  • Set play
  • Moves of the type a-b, b-a, c-d, d-c (not cyclic)
  • Moves of the type a-b, b-c, c-a, d-e (not 4-fold)
  • Moves of the type a-b, c-d, d-e, e-c (not 4-fold)
  • Moves of the type b-a, c-b, d-c, a-d (reversed cycle)
  • Moves by K/Q/R/P on the same file (departure and arrival files are the same)


  • Duplex twinning
  • Up to two entries per composer. Joint entries will count as full entry for both composers
  • Open to WCCC 2022 participants and their co-authors from away (if it is a joint entry)

Not allowed:

  • Other types of twins
  • Zeroposition
  • Promoted pieces
  • Fairy pieces
  • Fairy conditions
  • Fairy boards


No.1  N.Shankar Ram, Original

h#2                                            (3+5)

1.Ba6-b7 Bb5-c6 2.Sc3-d5 Rd3-a3 #
Cycle: a-b b-c c-d d-a
No.2  N.Shankar Ram, Original

h#2                                            (3+4)

1.Se4-f6 Bf1-h3 2.Bh1-a8 Ba1-e5 #
Cycle: e-f f-h h-a a-e

Judge: Shankar Ram Narayan

Director: Borislav Gadjanski

Prizes: Medals and money prizes: (1st – 300 euro, 2nd – 300 euro, 3rd – 300 euro) for the three best compositions.

Special prize: 300 euro for the new member (participants from countries that never took part in the WFCC World solving or composing tourneys).      

Send Entries to: the Mat Plus website (see the full Instructions below)

Deadline: 14th November 2022 2:00 PM (10:00 AM UTC / 11:00 AM CET)

Instructions for entering your entries on MatPlus website (matplus.net):

WCCC Fujairah QCT & 5DT

For three competitions at the World Congress in Fujairah, authors will enter their problems through the Matplus website.

They are two quick composing tournaments (8 hours) #2 and h#2.5 and a 5-day composing tournament h#2. Only those problems where the author or at least one of the co-authors is a participant of the Congress are in the competition. One author’s name can be in a maximum of two problems in each of the tournaments.
This is the first time that problems for congress competitions have been submitted through this site.

How to submit problems through the site?

Problems can only be entered by a user logged in to the site. He selects the page Original… in the menu on the left. The MP-TEC (Technical Excellence Challenge) tournament has been active on that page for two months, and now there will be also three congress tournaments:

1. WCCC 5DT h#2, 2. WCCC QCT1 #2, 3. WCCC QCT2 h#2.5.

A new problem is entered by selecting the New option and then the entry form will be opens.
First, select the tournament (Section:).
In the field for the author’s name, the user’s name is immediately entered, which can be changed.

In the field Source(s)/Remarks you should enter the name of the tourney, for 5-days CT it is WCCC 5DT, and in the field Stipulation it is h#2.

There is a Help (‘?’) next to each input field.

The position is entered in three possible ways: algebraicFEN or MPforsyth (condensed notation).

English symbols are mandatory!

Everything is explained in detail in the Help option.
Preview the entered position by clicking on ‘Preview‘.
The solution is entered using English notation. It is recommended to copy from the program that checked the correctness of the problem, deleting redundant variants and adding author’s comments and notes.
When the input is complete, it is necessary to click on Submit (above, in the middle).
You can see your entered issues by selecting: My originals

The overview entered compositions is possible as a list or as a diagram view.

Happy composing!

If you are not a MatPlus user, you can register (sign in) or ask any other registered person to enter and submit your problem.

Only in emergency cases, you should use the reserve option – sending email to the tournament director Borislav Gadjanski: borislav.gadjanski@gmail.com.